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To Answer Your Questions

It looks that we need to clarify a few points.

1. USPTO wouldn’t do anything unless somebody will file a “Petition to Cancel” according to USPTO procedure and pays fees.

2. USPTO doesn’t monitor public opinions on registered trademarks. So it is useless to leave it up to the Trademark Office.

3. There is no an appeal process for trademarks registered in Supplemental Register. We need to file a ”Petition to Cancel” . If we wouldn’t do it Dervaes would try to register “urban homesteading” in the Principal Register five years from the date when it was registered in Supplemental Register. They can easy claim about development of second unique meaning of the phrase and based on that get registration in the Principal Register.

4. It will be more difficult situation if the phrase will be registered in the Principal Register.

5. Let’s accumulate some funds, sufficient to cover initial fee and a few amendments (it takes to pay every time when an amendment filed with USPTO).

6. We have a good chance to be successful to cancel unwanted trademark if we do it according to USPTO procedure.

7. Dervaes doesn’t respond to any letter. Dervaes doesn’t care about anything sent to his institute. So, it is better to spend your 1-2 dollars for fundraising for “Petition to cancel” than to send a card to Dervaes and let him enjoy his power over people.

8. Dervaes has no rights on the phrase – we explain it clearly and support with sections of Law on our website.

9. There are 2 different trademarks “Urban Homestead” – in the Principal Register and “Urban Homesteading” – in the Supplemental Register.

10.We are ready to file the “Petition to Cancel” for “Urban Homesteading”  trademark with your support

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